Institute Of Preventive Medicine guidelines_for_travelers

Institute Of Preventive Medicine
Vaccination Appointment for International Travelers (VAIT)

before taking appointment

 For all vaccinations Original passport is required.

       1.    Bring original passport & printout of your appointment.


       2.    Have breakfast / lunch before coming for vaccination.  Don’t take

           vaccine on an empty stomach.


       3.    Do not take any antibiotics 24 hours prior to vaccination.


       4.    Wear loose and short sleeves while coming for vaccination.


       5.    People with history of allergy to egg should inform the Medical

            Officer before taking vaccine.


       6.    People suffering with fever should not take any vaccine.


       7.    Minimum gap of one month should be maintained between 1st &

            2nd doses of MMR / Hepatitis B vaccine.


       8.    Do not take more than 2 vaccines on a singles day.


       9.    Person who have to take multiple vaccines.  Once you have

           completed vaccination on any appointed day, take the next vaccination   

           appointment after a gap of one month.


         10.   Students who want to go for TB (Montoux) test and also take       

         any other Vaccine:


            (a)   First go for Mantoux test, collect report after 48 hours and

                   then take Vaccine.  Take any vaccine appointment accordingly.


             (b)   There is no need of taking online appointment of Mantoux test.


            (c)  Timing for Mantoux Test 8.30 A.M to 12.30 P.M.  Test will be

                  done at Central Reception Section.


          11.  Persons who have taken any vaccine in the recent past should inform

            the same before taking vaccine here.


       12.  Do not take any vaccine just before your date of departure.  Give a gap

             of at least one week between vaccination and departure day.


       13.  All vaccines (except Yellow fever given on Tuesday and Fridays.)

              have to be purchased outside and you have to come along with

              invoice bill.


       14.  Appointment for Yellow Fever  & Oral Polio Vaccine will be given

              on Tuesday and Fridays only. 


       15.    Service charges: Rs. 50/- per vaccine.


       16.  Charges for Yellow Fever vaccine: Rs. 250/-(Rs. 200/- for vaccine +

              Rs. 50/- for service charges).


       17.  These charges should be paid at the cash counter and receipt to

             be obtained.


       18.  Come at least 10minutes before the time of appointment.


       19.  As per the instructions of Govt. of India, persons visiting the

              following countries have to take oral polio vaccine at least 6 weeks
        prior to their arrivals at any Indian port of entry  NIGERIA,  KENYA,



       20.  Pregnant women should inform the doctor before taking vaccination.



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